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5 Foolproof Ways Extensions Create the Perfect Natural Body & Flow

5 Foolproof Ways Extensions Create the Perfect Natural Body & Flow

Some of us are “lucky” to have hair that never grows beyond neck or shoulder length. Many others don’t like their hair curl pattern or texture, and dream of the gorgeous ways they would wear their hair if they had fine or curly or coily hair. Some women are stuck with flat hair no matter how many protein treatments they’ve had at the salon and biotin pills they’ve ingested. Others will do anything to find a way to tame their frizz forever.

Our hair is one of our most defining features, and most times, we aren’t satisfied with how it looks. In this article by Aly Walansky, hair stylist, Cesare Safieh says “A hairstyle can make or break your look”.

Hair extensions give us the option of changing this though. Using hair extensions gives you the option of finally doing what you want with your hair; you can choose to add or remove, and you can finally rock Instagram worth locks.

Here’s how hair extensions can give your hair a natural flow and body:    

They add volume

Most times, your natural hair doesn’t have the volume you would like to pull off your favorite hairstyles and looks. If you have fine, flat hair, it most likely feels like there is nothing you can do to help your hair look healthy and full.  Even curly hair could be lacking volume, leaving the curls hanging off your head limply. Hair extensions provide that body, instantly adding volume and making your hair even more attractive. Never underestimate the power of a full head of hair.

Better lengths

If your hair is refusing to grow past a certain length and you want longer hair, hair extensions are a simple and instant fix. You can choose whatever length you are comfortable with and the hair can be cut into any style you want without worrying about damaging your hair. With extensions, you are open to so many options. You can go for a style that is shorter than your natural hair length, or one that has your hair falling to your waist.

There are other amazing benefits of using hair extensions like:


This is one of the most exciting benefits as you have the option of doing basically whatever you want with your hair. When you up your length and volume game, you can work with whatever texture you want, dye your hair (without worrying about damaging your natural hair) and change hair styles as often as you want. In a Racked article by Faith Cummings, she tells us how we have the option of creating a signature look, or going totally random when using hair extensions.

Protective styling

Hair extensions provide protection for your hair as you don’t have to comb and pull on your hair daily. This helps to give you stronger, healthier hair that will grow well with little damage. It also helps to prevent breaking ends, which is the reason why some women’s hair never grows beyond a particular length- when your ends break off as new hair grows, you’re basically still stuck in the same place. In her article on curlynikki.com, Kavuli (of Good Hair Diaries) admits that this is the protective style she works with and she is happy with her decision.

Low maintainance

They are very easy to maintain and won’t take up your time in the morning. Styling is very easy and you don’t have to work about bad hair days anymore.

Hair extensions are the best way to keep your hair looking naturally full and healthy, but be sure to ask the right questions when shopping for them. Our ebook will help you find out what types of extension will work best for you and what you would be most comfortable with. Also remember to explore your options - you can go as subtle or as dramatic as you want with your hair.

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