Frustrated? Feeling stuck? Get 4 (and a half) reasons why you should turn your next hair extension purchase into a smart investment.

You’ve just received your order from a popular hair brand you’ve been eyeing all over YouTube and Instagram. Your hair came in the mail service’s packaging. Though a little disappointing, you quickly brush it off. Besides, this brand is gets great reviews… and what’s most important is what’s in the package!

You open your package and you are immediately greeted with an offensive odor…the dreaded corn chip smell. After fixing the smell with the help of a YouTube video, the hair is still soft and manageable, so you rush off to your hairstylist appointment. Your stylist slayed your install, and you understand the big hype behind this brand.

Now, it’s been three weeks since your install, and the hair is getting harder and harder to manage. After your last wash and retightening, the hair has lost some of its softness. No matter how much you comb and brush, the hair is not matting and tangling on a regular basis. You find yourself spending more time than anticipated on finding new ways to style your hair. This is not what you bargained for AT ALL.

It’s now been six weeks since your install and your hair is beyond reuse. You are embarrassed as your stylist cuts away for extensions and dumps them in the trash. This brand got A LOT of good reviews and testimonials – so where did it go wrong? You are left unsure, and are hesitant to give the brand, or any brand for that matter, a second try.

Now, if this sounds like you – we have a special treat you’re going to love. Here is what is waiting for you on the other side of that big teal button:

  • the lowdown on what “virgin” hair is and why the term is misleading;
  • the inside scoop on the gratifying, money-saving alternative to “virgin” hair that is worth the investment;
  • the dependable place where you can purchase natural-looking, long-lasting hair extensions that won’t leave you searching for new hair for your new install
  • and more!

Now you can ignore this free gift, and replay the above scenario over and over again. The choice is yours.

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