Write for us

Interested in guest blogging for us? Below are the guest blog guidelines. If you are still interested, let’s talk. Send an email to info@codahair.com with your proposed topic/theme and timeline. 


Submit content that is useful. 

Is there an aspect of hair or beauty that’s difficult for most people but comes fairly easily to you? Or is there something that you’re an expert on? These are the kinds of content we’d like to see on our blog. 

We want our readers to access content they can act on, and that can provide a significant benefit to our readers – not a fake one. We want our content to solve the hair and makeup problems our readers will care about. 



Submit content that is relevant.

CODA Hair is a raw hair extension and lash ecommerce company. We sell unprocessed hair (hair wefts, wigs (hopefully soon), clip-ins, frontals and closures), hair care and strip lashes (silk and mink). So it wouldn’t make sense to write on the new iPhone, the latest boot trend or weight loss tips – unless you can tie it back to our main topics in an entertaining and memorable way. 


Submit content that is well-written. 

You don’t have to be the next Chimamanda Adichie. (But if you are, you’d have no complaints from us!) But we do ask that you take note of your tone, style and clarity. Please have a great reason to break a grammatical rule – like it helps make your material more relatable. Please make sure that your writing is edutaining (educating + entertaining). Tell a story. Use a funny picture. Use an attention-grabbling blog title. And please – become best friends with spell check. Yes – mistakes happen with even the best of intentions. But please put in the time and effort to make your posts the best they can possibly be. If it means doing a few rewrites or stepping away for a day or two – so be it! Your effort will definitely shine through, and our audience will appreciate and seek you out for more!


Here are some other important (but non-exhaustive) requirements:

1)      Please keep to agreed-upon topics/themes. 

2)      Please keep to the agreed-upon submission calendar.

3)      Content should be detailed (at least 750 with no fluff) and unique. By unique, we mean original. Your articles will be run through a plagiarism scanner to ensure that they original.

4)      You must provide a photo or graphic element to go with your post.

5)      The bio for your post should be 2-3 sentences long and should only contain 1 or 2 links – either to your website, one of your social media platforms or your own blog.

6)      The blog article itself should contain a minimum of 3 links. These links should be engaging and informational - not promotional.

7)      You agree to give CODA Hair LLC all rights to the post once it is published on the blog. This means you cannot republish it, in part or in whole, without our express permission. We have no problem is you want to link your post from your own site or social media platform. 

8)      Once the post is live, you must to check in from time to time and engage with readers. Monitor and respond to comments 72 hours after the post is published. After that, you must check once a week for any subsequent comments.